Village owned by Prince Charles ‘dogging hotspot’ in lockdown, residents claim

A tiny village owned by Prince Charles has been turned into a dogging hotspot in lockdown, residents claim.

Newton St Loe, a small Somerset civil parish, has reportedly become overrun with randy couples having sex in public.

Located between Bath and Bristol with a population of 681 people, the majority of the village is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall – the estate inherited by Prince Charles.

But locals there say during lockdown they have been over-run by walkers – and people having sex in public.

The landlord of its The Globe Inn says his 124 space car park is being used as a location for “funny business”.

Philip Houghton, 41, who runs the pub, has now closed off the car park at night because of meetings where there’s “no prizes for guessing what’s happening”.

Locals took to social media yesterday over the sex deluge.

Rebecca Birch commented on Facebook : “I turned around in a pub car park last night & was surprised at how ‘busy’ it was.”

Emma Kavanagh added: “Put a video camera up and show on Facebook lol, that will stop them.”

One said of his friend: ‘You been dogging again?”.

Another tagged a pal and said “You’re going to have to go find somewhere else now, told you they could see you dogging in there. Filthy swine.”

One disappointed user said: “Great will have to find somewhere else now.”

Kim wrote: “Can’t even go dogging now people unlucky…”

The Prince of Wales’ representative at Buckingham Palace declined to comment.