Thrifty mum’s ingenious flooring hack for daughter’s bedroom saves £1,200

A thrifty mum has shared how she saved nearly £1,200 by using foam play mats to transform the floor of her daughter’s bedroom.

Laura Ellingham, 33, couldn’t afford to carpet her new home after a break-up so came up with a clever hack to cover her seven-year-old daughter Halle’s floor.

She spotted Mamia Eva Play Mats while shopping in Aldi and realised that she could interlock the mats across to lay a brand new, creative and colourful floor.

The mats interlink for customisable sizing and took her just a few hours to put together – saving Laura both money and the time and effort it would have taken to put down new flooring.

And social media users love the unusual use of the mats, which cost just £4.99 each – as does her daughter Halle.

Mum-of-three Laura, from London, said: “I went food shopping in Aldi and saw the mats and thought I’d try it.

“I was quoted £1,200 for carpet upstairs in my house but this cost me £15 so it was a no-brainer.

“I did it as a quick fix but my daughter loves it and wants to keep it.”

The mats come in a pack of 16 in grey, pink and white colours.

The tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, are water-resistant and non-toxic, according to Aldi’s website.

Posting the finished result on Facebook, Laura wrote: “Just wanted to share a little idea I had.

“I moved this year after a break-up and couldn’t afford to floor the whole house, so we’ve had wooden floors for eight months.

“But I saw these foam mats in Aldi and I’m so impressed with how it looks.

“Not as nice as carpet but you know, it’s a quick fix for now.”

The post has so far garnered more than 11,000 likes and 875 comments from people who are blown away by the hack.

Several people insist the mats look “better than carpet”, with others agreeing it was “perfect” for children’s rooms.

“Beautiful. I wouldn’t bother about a carpet – if one piece gets damaged that’s just one piece to replace and not the full carpet. It also looks much more fun,” one person said.

Another person commented: “Perfect for kids as you can easily swap out any damaged ones, wipeable and waterproof.”

One mum who had used the same method warned Laura to check underneath the mats occasionally and clean them as the area can gather dirt.